The Most Frequent Insomnia Causes

There are may things that trigger insomnia. Cuases are manifold and very complex, and sometimes there are a combination of several factors possible; physical or psychological. Identifying insomnia causes for an individual case is the first step to be taken in order to improve the condition and come up with a cure. The most important thing to remember is that insomnia is catoregized in type by lenght of insomnia symptoms: is it acute (temporary) or chronic? Temporary insomnia causes are usually rooted in the work and family life of the person; too many worries, money problems, emotional insecurity, difficult choices, all these can make anyone lose the good night’s rest.

In today’s fast paced life, insomnia is one of the common symptoms that take a toll on your energy level, mood, and functioning ability; especially during the day.

If you had too much coffee and a very stressful day, it is very likely that you find it difficult to fall asleep particularly if ridden by thoughts. You may identify the temporary insomnia causes on your own, by a simple analysis of the elements that trigger it: introspection is the best way to do so; once you are aware of the factors responsible for your insomnia, it’s time to relax and let your mind free of all worries.

Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint. It is not only a sleeping disorder diagnosis, sometimes a chronic insomnia can be a symptom of a more serious health issues. But you can get rid of insomnia naturally.

Most people find it a lot more comfortable to take a sleeping pill and thus solve the problem; nevertheless, the shortest way is not always the safest, after all we are talking about chemically induced sleep, which should be the last resort.

Working in night shifts is also part of insomnia causes; when a person cannot develop a normal sleep-wake cycle, and the adjustment to a relatively chaotic program is very difficult. Insomnia occurs in such cases due to the disturbance of circadian rhythm and the lack of constancy in the pattern. It is for such patients that most doctors also prescribe the use of various forms of sleeping pills, usually some with a short-term use; however, it would be a good idea for people who come to identify work shifts as their insomnia causes to learn meditation techniques and possibly yoga in order to be able to enter a sleep-like state more easily.

Always go for simple yoga before going to bed- such as breathing exercises or stretching or “ashtanga yoga” which could help you feel more energized than before. Try very basic or easy yoga, without vigorous movements like- simple stretches in bed followed by certain “pranayam” meditation techniques. Close your eyes for few minutes, focusing only your breathing. It helps to reduce your stress.

There are also situations when insomnia causes are actually severe health problems that prevent a good night’s rest: here we can include chronic ailments such as asthma, restless leg syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, allergies and so on. Sometimes, sleep disorders are actually triggered by some of the medications one takes to treat another health problem, since many drugs used to treat hypertension, for instance, include insomnia as one of the major side effects.This is by far not a singular example. Talking to the doctor and asking for advice in order to best deal with the problem is the only solution under the circumstances.


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