How to Recognize Chronic Insomnia

Many factors contribute to the installation of a serious sleep disorder such as chronic insomnia, there are physical as well as psychological issues that need to be taken into consideration for the proper treatment of this health problem. Chronic insomnia affects people of all ages, most people who suffer from it is because of daily stress and depression. Among the physical triggers behind the affection we could count asthma, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease or the restless legs syndrome, to mention just a few. Moreover, most people who suffer from painful health problems like arthritis are more prone to developing chronic insomnia.

Despite the physical element behind the affection, stress, improper sleep-wake cycles, caffeine abuse and depression are among the most common elements that need to be tackled with in order to treat chronic insomnia. A proper treatment or therapeutic scheme can be created to help people resume a good night’s rest once a causative element is identified. Though the first and probably most easy to use type of treatment involves the administration of sleeping pills. What most people fail to take into consideration here is the fact that such chemical substances that induce sleep cannot be taken indefinitely, and without a real solution to the problem, chronic insomnia will keep bothering them after treatment cessation.

If stress is the main element that prevents you from having some quality sleep over night, you need to find ways of limiting the anxiety caused by daily work duties and other causes of stress. Presently there are actually hundreds of available solutions to help one eliminate chronic insomnia by means of relaxation techniques; you could even use online APPS.

It is ideal to actually achieve a good state of mind during the day, which means the elimination of stress as it tries to take control over you. Though it may seem difficult at the beginning, stress management can be achieved by an increased self-awareness; the moment you feel very tense, try to empty your mind of all thoughts and breathe deeply several times.

Relaxation is the great enemy of chronic insomnia.  The moment you gain control of your thoughts, and you make silence inside of your mind, you’ll be able to sleep like a baby. Once you get home from work, stop thinking about all the problems you had during the day; focus on family, friends and personal well being.

Regular practice of relaxation tools and physical activity can be beneficial in the relief of chronic insomnia. Sport can be a great help in the attempt to stop chronic insomnia, physical exercises actually free both the mind and the body from the toxins resulting from stress or negative thinking. Relaxation music, breathing techniques, sport, aromatherapy are all great ways of fighting chronic insomnia regardless of its generating factors.

Concerns related to chronic insomnia:

Is insomnia harmful?
Insomnia left untreated is bad for you and everyone around you. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can affect both males and females at any age. You will have trouble falling asleep and maintaining that sleep throughout the night. You need regular good quality sleep in order to have a happy and healthy life.

Reasons why Insomnia is harmful to your life

Poor performance
Insomnia reduces the amount of sleep you are getting. Every adult needs a normal level of sleep aiming for 8 hours to ensure optimal performance for the next day. If you are not getting enough quality sleep then your performance and concentration will be affected the next day.

Your overall health is affected
If you don’t manage your insomnia correctly or at all then you are at risk of developing depression, brain disease, and chronic fatigue. As insomnia affects the performance of your brain you will see these things taking place. If you suffer from chronic fatigue that has been left untreated you can develop hallucinations, strokes, diabetes and heart disease. Managing your insomnia will go a long way to improving the overall health and avoiding all the negativity that comes with leaving insomnia untreated.

Risk of accidents
If you are not getting proper sleep then you are at risk of causing an accident. You can injure yourself or put others at risk. Fatigued affects your thinking and reaction times so if you are fatigued and suffering from insomnia it is best for everyone’s safety not to drive and try and take some time off work until you have some treatment in order.

Reduction to your sex drive
Having a lack of sleep reduces your sex drive because your testosterone levels significantly reduce therefore lowering you’re interested in sex.

Noticeable aging of the skin
Your skin is greatly affected by not enough sleep. If you miss a few nights of quality sleep you end up with puffy skin and sallow skin in the face but if sleep deprivation occurs for a long period of time then you may experience a high cortisol level that will break down collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps the skin to maintain its firmness and radiance.

Weight gain

Insomnia increases your risk of becoming obese. Sleep deprivation can increase your want for food. Low amounts of quality sleep clashes with your appetite-regulating peptides called leptin and ghrelin. Insomnia makes their production become reduced yet increasing the craving for carbohydrates and bad fats.

Insomnia is harmful to you and those around you in so many different ways. Don’t let it get out of hand. If you suspect you have insomnia seek medical advice before it gets too out of hand.

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