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Natural Cures for Insomnia

Insomnia Inadequate sleep at night, daytime sleepiness and fatigue are the usual symptoms of insomnia. Inadequate sleep is one of the causes of fatigue. Chronic association of these conditions leads to impaired cognitive functioning, like disturbed focus or delayed decision making.  The current awareness of people towards health & wellbeing and the advent of modern medical science encourages the use of traditional medicine to fight against diseases. There are a variety of other methods to encourage healthy sleep. Non-pharmaceutical methods of treating insomnia can be a very […]

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Choosing From Multiple Sleep Remedies

Natural Remedies for Insomnia: Herbs, foods, Supplements Having difficulty falling and/or staying asleep are both characteristics of Insomnia, a sleep disorder. People suffering from insomnia often feel tired upon waking, wake up often during the night, have trouble going back to sleep and/or wake up too early in the morning. Below are some of the natural remedies that help combat sleep disorder. Insomnia can be caused by physical or emotional discomfort, illness, stress, medications, and some environmental factors.Insomnia Valerian root Since ancient times, Valerian root, a medicinal […]

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Alternative Therapies for Depression and Insomnia Treatment

Probably the most common psychological problem associated with insomnia is depression; there is a fundamental link between the two that goes beyond the chemical factors secreted by the brain in various nervous central system disorders. Depression and insomnia are actually connected by the presence of bad thoughts directed towards oneself and the rest of the world. Personal dissatisfaction, emotional problems, over-stressing working conditions, various traumas are usually behind any depression and insomnia. The most significant disadvantage in the use of classical medication prescribed for the treatment of […]

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