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Natural Cures for Insomnia

Insomnia Inadequate sleep at night, daytime sleepiness and fatigue are the usual symptoms of insomnia. Inadequate sleep is one […]

Choosing From Multiple Sleep Remedies

Natural Remedies for Insomnia: Herbs, foods, Supplements Having difficulty falling and/or staying asleep are both characteristics of Insomnia, a […]

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Insomnia and Nutrition

The food we eat can also have an  impact on all the body structures, influencing nervous and physical activities […]

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The Most Frequent Insomnia Causes

There are may things that trigger insomnia. Cuases are manifold and very complex, and sometimes there are a combination of several factors possible; physical or psychological. Identifying insomnia causes for an individual case is the first step to be taken in order to improve the condition and come up with a cure. The most important thing to remember is that insomnia is catoregized in type by lenght of insomnia symptoms: is it acute (temporary) or chronic? Temporary insomnia causes are usually rooted in the work and family […]

How to Recognize Chronic Insomnia

Many factors contribute to the installation of a serious sleep disorder such as chronic insomnia, there are physical as well as psychological issues that need to be taken into consideration for the proper treatment of this health problem. Chronic insomnia affects people of all ages, most people who suffer from it is because of daily stress and depression. Among the physical triggers behind the affection we could count asthma, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease or the restless legs syndrome, to mention just a few. Moreover, most people who […]

Facts About Insomnia

Introduction Most people have difficulty sleeping at times and wondered what could be wrong with their bodies. Difficulty in sleeping in medical terms is called “insomnia”, studies around the world have shown that insomnia occurrence can be as low as 10% and high as 70%, (Bhaskar, Hemavathy, and Prasad, 2016). What is insomnia and how can you know you have been suffering from it? Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or inability to stay asleep for long, provided you have the perfect chance to fall asleep/stay […]

How to Develop Healthy Sleep Patterns

Sleep disorders are probably among the most common affections we suffer from in our modern world, and the causes and medical explanations for the matter are many fold. However, little do we understand from the mechanism that lie behind the health-sleep cycle: why do we need quality sleep? We actually spend almost half of our lives sleeping; at first glance this may look like a great waste of time, as we could work or do something useful with that much time. Signs you have poor sleep quality […]